Develop Your Home Yoga Practice

As much as I love teaching my clients and students, what is most important to me is that they can do the work on their own, without me by their side. That’s when I know I’ve really done my job.

The one thing I always encourage my students to find time for is their own yoga practice. Most are unsure of how to start, don’t know the poses well enough or which ones to do, feel silly…the reasons go on. So they prefer to go to a class or have a private session. I completely understand. However, finding time for your own practice is a way of tuning in to choose poses and stretches your body needs, create more space and calm the mind, and set this time to be in the moment with your body and breath. Listening and responding to your body is powerful.

My goal is to help each one of you get there and start building your weekly yoga practice. I have created four quick sequences all with a different intention in mind. These videos are short and sweet so you can practice them as many times and for as long as you want. They are there to serve you!

These videos will provide you with the tools to start practicing on your own. Plus, you will have a list of poses to choose from and be one step closer to building your own practice.

Here is the first video in this four-part video series: Your Practice for the Week.

Your Practice for the Week #1:
Relieve Overall Tightness

From either a rough day at work or a tough workout session, your body will ache and scream for release. The poses in this practice will help to relieve tension and tightness in the most common areas of the body so you can come back to balance. Make sure to breathe and enjoy every pose.

Practice weekly with Julia by signing up for this video series to receive three other sequences to help you build your yoga practice:

A Better Way to Roll a Yoga Mat
The Workout: Kettlebells 2.0