Yoga for Digestion – Supported Bridge Pose

A yoga practice combined with diet and lifestyle changes can strengthen and harmonize digestion and elimination to heal and reduce many GI complaints.

If you have chronic digestive problems, a short regular yoga practice, continued over a few months will certainly help to resolve the problem and keep your digestive system healthy and functioning smoothly. You will need a yoga instructor to ensure you receive the utmost benefits.

For lower abdominal problems like constipation or diarrhea, set up in the Supported Bridge Pose with the following items: a yoga bolster, a yoga block and a blanket (or some firm cushions) and a pile of books.

  1. Set a yoga block or a 12-inch-high pile of books against a wall.
  2. Place a bolster or firm cushions at right angles to the wall. The far end of the bolster should be about five feet away from the wall.
  3. Begin by sitting in the middle of the bolster facing the wall. Then, lie back over the end of the bolster.
  4. Now for the adjustment change the position of the bolster, or change your position on it so that your feet firmly contact the wall and your shoulders rest lightly on the floor.
  5. Stay in the position and relax for 5-10 minutes, eyes closed.

Notice the shape of the posture, especially how the chest coils over the end of the bolster and how the shoulders rest only lightly on the floor. This restorative pose is restful and rejuvenates the whole system, including digestion.

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