Cleanse Plus Extended
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Cleanse Plus Extended


For Maximum Weight Loss
2 shakes and 2 meals a day
28 days

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  • Include the Cleanse Plus kit + extra shakes & supplements
  • Reduces bloating and supports weight loss goals
  • Promotes better microbiome health
  • Combats candida overgrowth and imbalances in gut flora
  • Decreases overall inflammation
  • Supports clear skin
  • Improves sleep, boosts mental clarity and focus

A Look At Your Next
Four Weeks

  • Step 1
    Early Morning Shake
    Add the Probiotic Powder to your shake

  • Step 2
    Lunch + one packet
    of supplements
    + Glutathione caps

  • Step 3
    Mid-Afternoon OR Mid-Morning Shake

  • Step 4
    Dinner + one packet
    of supplements
    + Glutathione caps

The Product Guide


Double up your detox from 14 days to 28 days for extra-powerful results. The Cleanse Plus Extended includes all the benefits of the Cleanse Plus and contains additional shakes and supplements for an extra 14 days.

Why Cleanse Plus Extended?

Cleanse Plus Extended is our most powerful detox. It is for individuals seeking a deeper detox with a greater emphasis on weight loss and gut healing. It combines a full 28 days of our Cleanse diet with the various supplements – including probiotics and digestive enzymes to boost healthy gut flora — and the "master antioxidant" glutathione – which strengthen's the body's ability to detox and promotes DNA repair, providing an extraordinary range of benefits on a cellular level.

While the Cleanse and the Cleanse Plus plans feature three shakes and two meals a day, the Cleanse Plus Extended plan features two shakes and two meals a day. This extended reboot will leave you feeling lighter, more energetic, and more vital than ever.

Concentrated in the liver, your primary detox organ, Glutathione is the most potent antioxidant in the body. Known as the "master antioxidant," it is a triple threat to toxins. Glutathione neutralizes free radicals, boosts immunity, and detoxifies the liver. It protects cells from DNA damage and reduces inflammation, benefiting every cell, system and function in the body.

Because 80% of your immune system is located in your gut, a healthy digestive system is essential for optimal health. Probiotics promote the growth of good bacteria and crowd out the bad bacteria, which reduces internal toxins, aids digestion and nutrient absorption, and boosts immune function. For women, probiotics also support vaginal health.


Cleanse Shakes (56 packets)
Cleanse Supplements (56 packets)
L-Glutamine capsules (90 capsules)
Probiotic Powder (120 g - 30-day supply)
S-Acetyl Glutathione (60 capsules - 30 day supply)
Product Manual
Free BlenderBottle™
Free Shipping

SHIPPING NOTE: Your probiotics will be sent in a refrigerated cooler pack with cold packs. Cold packs may melt during shipping which should not affect product integrity, as the probiotics have been stored in refrigerators at our warehouse and are manufactured with overages to ensure label potency when exposed to higher temperatures. The probiotics should be refrigerated upon arrival, but no need to be concerned if the ice packs are melted.

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What To Do


1. Drink 2 shakes a day (early morning and mid-morning OR mid-afternoon). Add 1 teaspoon probiotic powder to your shake
2. Have lunch and dinner. Eat fresh wholesome food. The fresher the better.
3. Take 2 packets of supplements and 2 Glutathione capsules a day (one packet and one capsule with each meal).

You will also receive a bottle of L-glutamine capsules. Take 2 capsules anytime you have sugar cravings.

Download the Cleanse Manual


Unlike a crash diet or fasting or juice cleanse, the Be Well Cleanse is based on eating fresh, wholesome food.

Your goal is to optimize your body's natural cleansing process by eating fresh, clean, unprocessed foods while cutting out the common irritants such as sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. Instead of focusing on calorie quantity, focus on calorie quality. There is an abundance of delicious foods to choose from and which you can fit easily into your everyday life. The Eating Plan is designed to be a long-term solution – an entry point to a healthy lifestyle.


Download the Cleanse Eating Plan

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Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Vegetarian

Acetylated form of glutathione for maximum absorption and efficacy
N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and vitamin B6, both of which help the production of glutathione
Probiotics Powder provides 5 strains with 40 billion live organisms in each teaspoon serving.
Soluble and insoluble fiber from fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds and tree extracts
American grown yellow pea protein (non-GMO)
Variety of herbs to energize your detox organs
Prebiotics and Probiotics to promote good gut bacteria
Herbal anti-microbials to combat bad gut bacteria
Plant-based digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient availability
A blend of vitamins & minerals for nutritional support during your cleanse
Glutamine to manage sugar cravings and additional gastrointestinal support

We use TRAACS® Chelated Minerals to promote absorption and maximize efficacy.

Manufactured in an NSF audited GMP certified facility. GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice regulations as put forth by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Formulated to exclude wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.
Naturally occurring color, taste and density may vary between lots.

Not for use if pregnant or nursing.
If taking medication consult your healthcare practitioner before use.
Not intended for those who have a history of stomach ulcers or GI bleeding.







TRAACS® is a registered trademark of Albion Laboratories.





For more information on NSF GMP certification see
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How do I know if I am ready to go on Cleanse?

Cleanse is best to start if you are generally healthy but feel sluggish, have abdominal bloating, gas or constipation, are retaining fluid and feel puffy and have all sorts of aches and pains. Always make sure that you have no serious underlying illness or disease that could be compromising your health.

Any suggestions before I start the program?

To ease into the program slowly, we strongly recommend cutting out certain foods and beverages one week before - including caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy, wheat, corn and processed foods – gradually cut down more every day so that by the end of the week you’ve stopped altogether or almost stopped.

Is there anything else I need to have for the program?

A hand/stick blender is useful for pureeing soups directly in the pot.
A couple of tennis balls for self massage.
A couple of blankets for restorative exercise.

Do I have to stay on the program for 2 weeks and if so, why?

Having done this for over 20 years, I have found that to get more significant changes, a minimum of 2 weeks is required to get more long lasting changes and in particular, to reset your appetite.

Can I do 4 weeks of CLEANSE for an even stronger detox?

Yes you can, it’s perfectly safe and many people do so. Especially those who want to lose more weight.

How much water should I be drinking?

Ideally you need to urinate at least every 3-4 hours during the day while on the Cleanse program. So make sure you are drinking enough water to facilitate this frequency. Herbal teas are fine too.

Anything I can do to make the shake taste nicer?

You can add a cup of blueberries or a fresh pear to the shake and mix it in a blender.
You can also mix your shake with dairy-free milks such as almond, rice, hemp, coconut or half water, half dairy-free milk.

My first few days were miserable, how long before I start to feel any better?

Most people start to feel better after about 3- 4 days.

Can I travel?

Absolutely! The packets are made to go with you wherever you go, just remember to take along your blender bottle.

Am I allowed green tea?

Yes, a cup of green tea once or twice a day is fine.

Any suggestions for helping with cravings?

Distract yourself, go for a walk or do some light exercise. Cravings usually last about 10- 20 minutes and then pass. So the more you can distract yourself, the easier it will be to deal with your cravings.

Keep sugary snacks out of your house and office if possible. It is difficult to snack on things that are not there.

Take one or two of the Glutamine capsules every couple of hours if necessary, these will help with sugar cravings.

Drink a lot of water or sparkling water as this can sometimes help with cravings.

If I accidentally eat a food that I was not supposed to, what will happen to me?

Nothing serious. It’s possible that you may experience a bit of a reaction like feeling a bit nauseous, tired and headachy but that will usually pass within 24 hours.

Why do I have to eliminate certain foods while I’m on the Cleanse program?

What is gluten & why can’t I eat gluten grains?

Gluten is a type of grain that has a mixture of gliadin and glutenin proteins that are found in wheat, rye and barley. Gluten grains contain a mixture of proteins that are very difficult for many people to digest. It is believed that some people do not produce the liver enzyme that is necessary to break down this protein and metabolize it. If this happens, the undigested protein can leak through the gut wall and into the bloodstream where the immune system reacts as if it were a foreign substance. Fighting gluten stresses and exhausts the immune system. So we do not allow gluten products in order to give the digestive system a rest and time to restore.

Why can’t I eat oranges, strawberries, grapes, bananas, dried fruit?

Some people have sensitivities to oranges and strawberries, so we have removed them in order to reduce exposure to foods that can cause these issues. Grapes, bananas and dried fruit are very high in sugar.

What is wrong with eating nightshades?

Some people have sensitivities to tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants without realizing it. They can cause joint pain in some people, so we do not allow them in the CLEANSE phase.

Why can’t I eat corn?

Corn is very high in sugar and is usually genetically modified in the USA, which may cause problems.

Why must nuts be unroasted and unsalted?

Store bought roasted and salted nuts are a problem because they are very high in sodium and have been roasted at a very heat which alters the fats in the nuts and destroys their benefits. You can roast nuts yourself at a low temperature – 175 deg for 10 – 15 minutes.

I only eat fish, but the fish on your list are hard to find, what do you suggest?

If you like to eat fish, try to buy wild caught fish and limit your intake to 2-3 times a week. Canned wild salmon is also a great option. Helpful websites for sourcing healthy fish are and

Can I eat brown rice bread?

No, as it is sweetened with fruit juice.

Can I eat edamame?

Yes, as long as they are organic

Why can’t I eat pistachio and macadamia nuts?

The nuts that you are allowed to eat offer the most healthful benefits and since nuts are very high in fat, we try to limit the amount you can eat.

Why can’t I eat peanuts?

Many people have peanut sensitivities or allergies, so we don’t allow them during the program.

Can I eat sushi?

You can have sushi if it's made with brown rice, but no soy sauce unless it's wheat free soy sauce. Sashimi is allowed.

How do I re-introduce foods that I have avoided while on Cleanse?

Re-introduce the foods you’ve been avoiding into your meals one at a time, every two days, to test your reaction to it. When testing a food, have a substantial serving of it for breakfast and lunch, and monitor your reactions. If possible, make detailed notes in a food journal —particularly about what happens to you during the reintroduction phase.

Caution: women should not try food testing right before their periods or during pregnancy because they are likely to be extra sensitive then.

Most food reactions will occur within a few hours of eating what you add back, although it can occasionally take up to two to three days for reactive symptoms to appear. The beauty of this test is that if you are reactive to a specific food, you are usually extra sensitive to it after you have initially cleared it from your system – so it should be easier for you to notice how different foods affect your system.

If you have a food reaction, such as nausea or a stomach ache, when reintroducing previously avoided foods, take two tablets of Alka- Seltzer Gold or a tablespoon of buffered vitamin C powder in water.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you do react to any food, rotating your foods may make you less sensitive to them. So only eat the foods to which you are reacting every five days. For example, if you are sensitive to wheat, dairy, and corn, schedule yourself to eat wheat on days one and six, dairy on days two and seven, and corn on days three and eight.

Reactions might mean that you may not have enough digestive juices to properly break down the foods to which you are reacting. Trying some digestive enzymes with your meal may help.

I am starting to lose too much weight and want to curb it?

Losing too much weight is extremely unusual, but if it is happening, increase your intake of good fats like avocados and nuts.

I am not losing any weight and I don’t know why?

This probably means your weight is appropriate or if not there may be some metabolic reason like a hormonal imbalance, often a poor functioning thyroid is the cause. Once you are finished with the Cleanse program, this should be explored further. We suggest a full thyroid work up with your own doctor.

If I have not had a bowel movement for some time, what do I do?

One to two tablespoons of Castor oil with lemon and water often does the trick. Magnesium works very well too ––500-1,000mg of magnesium citrate is helpful. Or you could try a gentle herbal laxative such as Swiss Kriss or the Ayurvedic formula, Triphala (usually available at the health food store or on the Internet.) Make sure you are keeping well hydrated as this will also be helpful.

What is the normal number of bowel movements per day?

For most people, at least one bowel movement a day is normal but anywhere between one and three is normal.

What to do about gas and bloating?

The antimicrobial herbs in the pill packets “kill” the bad bacteria in the gut which can sometimes cause bloating. This discomfort should settle in about 4-5 days. This can also be due to taking in more fiber than you are used to. This too will settle down in a few days.

Regular bowel movements are also important in relieving that gassy bloated feeling.

Any suggestions on how to give up coffee without going cold turkey?

If you have a week to wean yourself off coffee, follow this plan:
Day One: Have a regular cup of coffee. If you have another cup, blend it 50-50 with decaf.
Day Two-Four: Continue blending your coffee 50-50 with decaf.
Day Five-Six: Have 25% regular coffee, 75% decaf.
Day Seven: Eliminate completely, or if necessary, substitute with green tea, weak black tea or Yerba mate. You can continue drinking green tea, weak black tea or Yerba mate throughout the program.

If however, you are starting the program immediately and do not have a full week to taper off coffee, we suggest the following:
Day one: Blend your coffee 50-50 with decaf
Day two: Blend your coffee 25 – 75 with decaf
Day three: Eliminate completely.
You may drink green tea, weak black tea or Yerba mate throughout the program.

What should I do if I get a headache?

Headaches can occur in the first few days as you are withdrawing from caffeine especially and sometimes sugar. Try the Restorative yoga poses and the tennis ball massages, take a hot bath, go for a walk and if needed, try drinking green tea which has a little caffeine but is a healthier option than coffee. It is best to avoid medication unless it is really severe and you feel you cannot function without treating it.

Is it ok to exercise and do physical activities?

Yes, provided you do not over exert yourself. Keep your workouts a little lighter and incorporate some restorative yoga and relaxation techniques as well.

If I am feeling a little weak, what should I do?

Have a cup of soup or eat another small meal like nuts and fruit. Relax in a Restorative yoga pose for 10-15 minutes.

Will my sleep be affected while I am on the program?

It’s possible. Whenever you make major changes in how you eat, it can affect your sleep. This usually settles down after a few days and most people wake up in the morning with a clear head and full of energy.

What is the next step once I have completed the Cleanse program?

Once you have completed the 2 week Cleanse program, the perfect way to continue is with the Sustain or Recharge shakes, especially if you like the convenience of a shake. You can also start the Daily Dose supplements to support your health and vitality. Either of the shakes plus Daily Dose, provides a solid, daily, nutritional foundation for overall health and vitality.

Is this program appropriate for children?

No. Although it’s a safe and gentle program, it is not made for use by children.

What should I do if I am on Prescription Medications?

You should not stop any prescription medication while on the program.

Can I continue with supplements that I was taking prior to being on the program?

For the 2 weeks you are on the Cleanse program, it is not necessary. The shakes have the nutrients you need for the 2 weeks.

What are other names for sugars so that I know what to look for when reading labels?

It is important to look for refined sugars in all forms on the ingredients label. The following are various versions of refined sugar:

Cane sugar, dried cane syrup, brown sugar, beet sugar, date sugar, grape sugar, glucose, maltose, maltodextrin, dextran, dextrose, sorbitol, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, fructose, corn sugar, fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, barley malt, caramel, carob syrup and sorghum syrup.

What other ingredients should I be avoiding?

As much as possible, avoid the following ingredients:

Partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated fats and oils

Found in margarine, shortening and virtually all baked goods. These oils contain trans-fatty acids and are well known to contribute to poor cardiovascular health and heart disease.

Artificial sweeteners

Such as aspartame (Nutrasweet and Equal), sucralose (Splenda), saccharin (Sweet’N Low) and acesulfame K.

Sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate

These are found in most packaged meat products and deli meats.

Monosodium glutmate (MSG)

Found in many “instant meals”, frozen dinners, packaged meats, canned soups, soup stocks, salad dressings, soy sauce, Spice mixes, flavorings and seasonings. If you see the words “sodium caseinate,” “hydrolyzed protein,” “autolyzed yeast” or “yeast extract” on a product label, you can assume it contains some amount of MSG. MSG is an excitotoxin which means it damages nerve cells.


Found in dried fruits. They commonly cause allergies.

Potassium bromate

Found in factory-made breads. It is banned from use in food products in Europe, Canada and most other countries, including China.
Preservatives (such as BHA, BHT, TBHQ)

Found in butter, meats, cereals, chewing gum, baked goods, snack foods, dehydrated potatoes and beer. Some studies show they cause cancer in animals.

Artificial colors (such as FD&C Red No.3, Yellow Nos. 5 and 6, Blue Nos. 1 and 2)

Found in soda, sports drinks and gelatin desserts. Most artificial colorings are synthetic chemicals and have low nutritional value.

Artificial fats (such as Olestra)

Found in snack foods. Olestra reduces the body’s ability to absorb fat-soluble carotenoids (such as alpha-and beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and canthaxanthin) from fruits and vegetables which reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

And any other processed food.

Processed foods are anything not produced in nature: quick or instant grains, meals in a package, box or can, factory-produced breads, dinner mixes, frozen meals. And look out for snack foods, even ones that claim they are healthy and sugar-free.

Remember, the longer the ingredients label, the further away the food is from nature and the less healthy it is.

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How does it work for vegetarians?

For vegetarians, we allow limited amounts of grains and beans, about 1/2 cup per day combined.

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What about the meals? Should I create my own or will they be provided?

The Be Well Cleanse does not include meal delivery or any food but we do provide an eating plan, shopping list and recipes for Cleanse-friendly eating. Start here on our website for recipes and more info about the Cleanse diet:

We have also aggregated a plethora of Cleanse-friendly recipes on our Pinterest page:

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Will I be able to go about my daily activities: sports? work? ( I work from home so I can be flexible). Will I need extra rest? I would like to do the cleanse but need to know if I need to adjust my agenda.

Most people have no problem going about their daily activties while on any of our Cleanse programs. We recommend that you consider lessening your sports/workouts for the first few days while you adjust. Depending upon your pre-Cleanse intake of alchol, sugar, and caffeine, the withdrawal from those substances may cause fatigue or headaches in the first few days but will pass after day 4 or 5 at the latest.

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Can this be done while nursing?

No, we do not recommend Cleansing during breastfeeding (or pregnancy).

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