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14 Day Detox

Get Results Without Going Hungry
3 shakes and 2 meals a day

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  • Metabolic and Digestive Reset
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Less bloating and puffiness
  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Clearer, healthier looking skin
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • More restful sleep

Product Guide

Your Next Two Weeks
Your Daily Routine

The road to long-term health has never been easier. Take a look at
what your daily routine will be for the next two weeks.

  • Step 1
    Early Morning Shake

  • Step 2
    Mid-Morning Shake

  • Step 3
    Lunch + one packet of supplements

  • Step 4
    Mid-Afternoon Shake

  • Step 5
    Dinner + one packet of supplements

The Product Guide



The Be Well Cleanse provides targeted nutrients to energize the detox organs. It is designed to stimulate your body's natural ability to heal and to balance your microbiome — the eco-system of friendly bacteria that live inside your gut and play a vital role in keeping you healthy — improving your digestion, immune system, and mental health. Cleanse scrubs your gut, kills bad bacteria, supports good bacteria, and balances your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Cleanse works quickly — and nothing is more empowering than making small changes and feeling the benefits in as little as two weeks. You'll feel like you just hit the restart button: lighter, more energetic and more mentally focused. And the best part is that Cleanse makes you realize how good you can feel, and you won't want it to stop — making it the perfect, easy entry point into living a healthy life.


FREE SUPPORT: We've got you covered - you'll have the full support of Dr. Lipman's personally trained team of Be Well health coaches — simply reach out anytime.

NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE: Unlike many cleanses that simply cut calories, don't provide any long lasting health benefits and leave you feeling starving — with three shakes, your supplements, and two meals a day — on this doctor- developed program, you are being nutritionally supported at all times.

A unique dietary plan: Easy-to-follow guidelines that eliminates problem foods, but don't leave you feeling hungry.

BLEND OF INGREDIENTS: There are many different types of detoxes out there, but an effective detox MUST address not only the toxins we put in our bodies, and absorb from the environment, but must also provide the essential ingredients that neutralize or eliminate the internal metabolic toxins created by our own bodies.

The Be Well Cleanse is unique in providing:
1) Fiber that scrubs the gut, binds toxins and then eliminates them
2) Anti-microbial herbs that kill bad bugs in the gut and maintain healthy flora
3) Nutrients to boost the liver, your main detox organ
4) Digestive enzymes that help the body break down food and assist digestion
5) Balanced blend of vitamins & minerals that safely support you during detox


Cleanse Shakes (42 packets)
Cleanse Supplements (28 packets)
L-Glutamine capsules (90 capsules)
Product Manual
Free BlenderBottle™
Free Shipping
Free Support

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What To Do


1. Drink 3 shakes a day (early morning, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon).
2. Have lunch and dinner. Eat fresh wholesome food. The fresher the better.
3. Take 2 packets of supplements a day (one with each meal)

You will also receive a bottle of L-glutamine capsules. Take 2 capsules anytime you have sugar cravings.

Download the Cleanse Manual


Unlike a crash diet or fasting or juice cleanse, the Be Well Cleanse is based on eating fresh, wholesome food.

Your goal is to optimize your body's natural cleansing process by eating fresh, clean, unprocessed foods while cutting out the common irritants such as sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol. Instead of focusing on calorie quantity, focus on calorie quality. There is an abundance of delicious foods to choose from and which you can fit easily into your everyday life. The Eating Plan is designed to be a long-term solution – an entry point to a healthy lifestyle.


Download the Cleanse Eating Plan

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Product Ingredients


Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Vegetarian

Soluble and insoluble fiber from fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds and tree extracts
American grown yellow pea protein (non-GMO)
Variety of herbs to energize your detox organs
Prebiotics and Probiotics to promote good gut bacteria
Herbal anti-microbials to combat bad gut bacteria
Plant-based digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient availability
A blend of vitamins & minerals for nutritional support during your cleanse
Glutamine to manage sugar cravings and for additional gastrointestinal support

We use TRAACS® Chelated Minerals to promote absorption and maximize efficacy.

Manufactured in an NSF audited GMP certified facility. GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice regulations as put forth by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Formulated to exclude wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.
Naturally occurring color, taste and density may vary between lots.

Not for use if pregnant or nursing.
If taking medication consult your healthcare practitioner before use.
Not intended for those who have a history of stomach ulcers or GI bleeding.



TRAACS® is a registered trademark of Albion Laboratories.





For more information on NSF GMP certification see


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How do I know if I am ready to go on Cleanse?

The Be Well Cleanse is recommended to those that are generally healthy but know that they could be feeling better. This includes those experiencing digestive issues, fatigue, skin issues, sleep problems, weight gain, brain fog or other ailments that interfere with optimal function.

This Cleanse is not for pregnant or nursing women, or those with a serious illness or disease. Always consult your doctor if you are not sure if a Cleanse is right for you.

How much water should I be drinking?

Proper hydration is essential to all bodily processes, especially for detox and elimination. Generally, we recommend drinking about half your body in ounces each day, and ideally, drinking filtered water away from meals.

Tip - start your day with a tall glass of water to get your ounces in early.

Is it ok to exercise and do physical activities?

Our Be Well experts recommend taking it easy the first few days of the Cleanse, with the option for restorative yoga poses or simple stretches. When you feel ready, you can shift back to your regular exercise routine, or begin to incorporate more movement throughout your day.

What if I have a question?

Our team of health coaches is available Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm EST. You can reach them by phone at 888.434.9483 or by email.

Will I feel hungry?

This Cleanse was designed to enhance your natural detoxification systems WITHOUT feeling hungry or deprived. Although you will be avoiding inflammatory foods and common food irritants, there are still many foods you can eat while on this cleanse.

What kind of support can I expect?

Our team of experts is here to support you, and are available to answer questions and make personalized recommendations all day, everyday, which is what makes this opportunity so unique!

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36 Reviews

* Results May Vary

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Suzanne October 6, 2017
I felt great I
I love this cleanse. Very easy to follow!
MC August 12, 2017
Amazing Inner Glow
I have lost a total of 12 lbs this year, and I credit this cleanse. I've done it about 3x since January. It is by far the easiest cleanse I have ever done and did not experience deprivation. The result? People have been telling me I look amazing. "You are glowing" "You seem to be getting younger, what are you doing" "you look gorgeous". I also feel better than I have in a long time, with energy and restored optimism. When I don't do the full cleanse I just order the cleanse shakes to help keep me on track. So grateful that I found this.
Shelly April 16, 2017
Great but expensive.
I loved this cleanse. The shakes were good and I liked the simplicity of the system. Unfortunately, it is too expensive.
Ashton January 26, 2017
Great Cleanse - Plan out meals in advance
This was the second time i've done this cleanse and I definitely feel noticeably better after each time. The only thing I would recommend is thoroughly prepping your kitchen before starting. The last time i did this cleanse was a few years ago and I didn't realize the list of foods to embrace/ignore had been re-done. The list of foods to embrace seems terrifying if you do not cook, like myself. I think if there were a couple of quick, light meal suggestions either on the blog, or in a packet along with the cleanse it would be a home run. I highly recommend the cleanse otherwise! I do hope to be able to do it again this year when I am better prepared.
Lorraine January 21, 2017
I highly recommend the 14 day cleanse.
My cleanse seems to be going great. I have three more days onthe 14 day plan. I have lost 6 lbs and I never feel hungry! It's amazing. I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes from Dr. Lipman's books and blog. They look yummy! Before I started the cleanse I had such a sweet tooth. Definitely eating too many sweets. Now the cravings have just about disappeared. My daughter is also doing this program. She just started and is into
her fourth day. I am turning sixty this year and want to be healthier and lose about 15 lbs.
I am trying to get my triglycerides down and my blood pressure without taking meds.
Thank you Dr. Lipman!

Martha C January 21, 2017
Love it! Don't hesitate to try it!
This was my first cleanse. Although I have 1 1/2 days left to finish, I couldn't be more pleased. I've lost 7 pounds and have rarely had cravings or been hungry. Love the taste of the shakes, and I've had no trouble creating salads and veggies with rotisserie chicken or tuna to satisfy me at mealtime twice a day. I'm a little fearful about going back to "regular" eating, but I'm going to try reintroducing my old favorites one per day to see what might affect me negatively. It feels so good to feel good. Love it!
Amanda M December 15, 2016
Great program
Cleanses are usually very hard for me to stick to, but not this one. I never felt hungry, and found myself getting pretty creative with the food I was preparing. Would definitely use again!
Caroline L October 13, 2016
So Great I Did It Twice!
I finished the first 2 weeks of the cleanse and loved the way I was feeling so much that I ordered it again and am on my second day of the second 2 weeks.
The first 4 days of the initial cleanse were tough as I had a long lasting headache, but I woke up on day 5 feeling amazing and it was more than worth it.
The shakes are easy to drink, I didn't mind the taste at all. Dr. Lipman and his team have made this so easy to accomplish and I really liked the group cleanse Facebook page and the YouTube check-ins.
In the gap between the 2 cleanses I had one latte and 2 days with some gluten and a little sugar and my energy levels plummeted. Comparing how I felt on those days to how I felt on the cleanse has me more committed to keeping sugar and gluten out of my diet as much as possible. Feeling this good is worth it!
Lori October 6, 2016
Great cleanse. Lose the plastic packaging and go back to paper!
Was really disappointed to open my latest cleanse and see the paper pouches had been replaced by PLASTIC pouches. Besides being plastic they are hard to open and require scissors if you don't want powder everywhere!
Besides that—this cleanse works and I feel great every time I do it. It also has helped me improve every facet of my diet. I order the shakes alone to have in the morning for breakfast. The flavor is easy to drink, unlike other shakes I've tried.
Melissa September 29, 2016
On the right track
Love the results of the cleanse! My fiance and I both lost 12lbs. I sleep better and my energy level has improved. Im not as hungry as I used to be and Im not craving treats all the time like I used to. I am definitely adopting this lifestyle, I feel too amazing not to. I cant lie and say the shakes are delicious, but with a little creativity they can be quite good!
MK September 1, 2016
Feeling great
My partner and I did the cleanse together after reading Dr. Lipman's book. We both feel great. As executives and competitive cyclist we demand a lot from our bodies the cleanse has improved our performance, we are both sleeping better and clear at work. The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare we are eating them regularly.
Allison G August 18, 2016
Love It
I have done 8 of these at this point over the past few years and love them. I always feel great at the end of 14 days, It is a great and easy way to start and renew healthy habits. I don't want to go back to my old habits.
Lori August 2, 2016
The Best Cleanse I've Ever Done!
This cleanse is so effective and it's really easy to accomplish. I am on my last day and I feel great. My bloated stomach has gone way and so have my carb cravings. I don't miss sugar or unhealthy carbs at all.
It took five days for me to feel good and I had stopped using coffee and sugar months before starting the cleanse. But on day six I felt fantastic and healthy. What everyone says is true—my energy levels are way up, my mind clear and sharp and my mood is calm and joyful. I plan on doing the cleanse again next month and I am continuing with the maintenance shakes. Thank you Dr. Lipman for sharing your expertise and making it affordable to those of us who don't live in Malibu or the Hamptons!
Anna Mary May 26, 2016
My daughter has been trying to get me to do this cleanse for sometime now. I was skeptical and concerned that it wouldn't be good for my health at 71 years of age. The cleanse was just what I needed. My level of inflammation decreased, my sugar numbers went down, and my stomach is much less bloated. The bonus is I lost 6 pounds on the cleanse and my doctors are very pleased. I have more energy and just feel great!

Sarika May 25, 2016
Feeling great
This was my third cleanse and it was hard for me this time. I had sugar withdrawal symptoms for a few days. I should have cut back my sugar before I started. But overall I love this cleanse and the shakes. Feel fantastic now!
Martha May 23, 2016
Life changing!
A friend sent me Dr. Lipman' book ''10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat', and I thought, well gee, thanks...As I read the book, I realized that my diet was carb heavy, what I thought were healthy carbs, like rolled oats and quinoa, but multiple servings per day. I decided to follow the cleanse and diet, and had amazing results. I feel great, I lost so much belly fat, and have amazing energy. I am 63 years old and have a new lease on life. The program is easy to follow, you don't feel deprived, and the recipes are great. The staff is great, I called several times with questions and the support provided was exceptional. I am a believer!
20Something Busy New Yorker May 2, 2016
Do it! You'll be glad you did!
I wasn't entirely sold on the benefits while I was on the cleanse as to how good I was feeling until I was done with it and essentially reverted back to how I had been eating before and I immediately felt more tired (that's the biggest thing I noticed). I did the cleanse just for my own interest in living a more healthy lifestyle and I don't eat that poorly anyway, but I wanted to take it a step further and try this out. Generally I just felt lighter, and skinnier, that constant bloated feeling was gone. My head was clearer. I've been taking Saturday classes and the two weeks that I was on this cleanse I was much more alert than I was any other week. I also had more energy during the two weeks My sleeping habits didn't change and I continued to go to yoga or swimming everyday and I had some of my best workouts in a long time. The challenge I had was the constant attention to what you're eating - it's very difficult to have a social life (esp in NYC). Meal prepping takes a considerable amount of time if you're not home for a few hours a day to take care of it. And the shakes...well...they don't taste great. They're not terrible, but it would have been nice to have a couple versions to switch between so you're not consuming the exact same flavor three times a day. I did make smoothies out of them in the morning with fruit and almond butter or veggies, which I would definitely recommend. Smoothies for breakfast are now a much needed part of my routine! I hope that all of that is encouraging - I mean what I say in the title - just do it, you will be glad you did!
Louise April 18, 2016
Give this one a try for sure!!
I was extremely skeptical. I immediately thought " yeah right another waste of money." I am here to tell your that Dr. Frank Lipman's book and cleanse program not only delivered what it promised, but I couldn't believe how easy it was (initially after the first four days were over). I am most impressed how I never felt hungrey, how balanced I felt, and a considerable amount of discomfort in my gut went away in two weeks.
Jackie Ghylin April 10, 2016
Very happy we tried it!
My husband and I were very pleased with the program and the results. My husband lost nearly 10 pounds in ten weeks and rarely felt hungry. We are both thrilled to have eliminated diet pop and most processed foods from our diet. Thanks!!
Julie April 8, 2016
Lots More Energy
I eat pretty good but I was still fatigued, had brain fog and muscle aches. I knew I should cut dairy, wheat and sugar out to feel better but I never would have imagined I would feel this great during the cleanse by eliminating various foods. I just completed the cleanse and have clear thinking, more energy than I ever thought possible and no aches! These 14 days will change your life. I did what I could do following the plan, exercise and other recommendations. I emailed the health coaches and received answers immediately to my questions. I've been on other cleanses. This cleanse is pretty simple and results are incredible. You will only regret that you didn't try this sooner. All the best!
Karen Bruno March 18, 2016
Love Love Love
I started doing this cleanse with Holli Thompson. I did this cleanse for 1 month and my cholesterol went from 240 t0 170.. I am in the process of this cleanse again to get ready for the summer
Beverly Morrow February 10, 2016
I used the cleanse packets everyday and the supplements. Felt great the whole time. Still eliminating alcohol, sugar, gluten. Great Cleanse and support. I recommend it. BAM
Denise L. Parrotta February 5, 2016
I am a skeptic!!! I went into the cleanse with commitment yet doubt. Holy Moly!! This has changed my life. I can't sing the program's praises loud and long enough. In 2 1/2 weeks, i see eliminated inflammation, reduced mucus and ear wax buildup, skin improvement, longer and deeper sleep, less mood swings, calmer overall, my pulse rate is the best it has been in over a year, loss of weight, aches and pains gone from joints, more pep in my step and these are the results that I am noticing.
I am someone that was ALWAYS hungry. This program satiated my appetite!
Matt Garrett January 28, 2016
Year 2 of the Cleanse
I felt great throughout this years cleanse. It allowed me to level set some diet issues that I've wanted to adjust (i.e. less sugars, less gluten)
bkMead December 9, 2015
Felt great the entire time. No headaches, slept well, normal regulation. You realize how important Smart nutrition is to your health. The eczema and psoriasis completely diminished and was the impetus to try BeWell in the first place. Very pleased overall.
Eleanor M. October 31, 2015
My Skin is Glowing & I Feel Lighter
I wasn't trying to lose weight on the Cleanse, I just wanted to detoxify my body and see if it would give me more energy. I lost a couple of pounds anyway, but it was all in the right places - mainly my stomach. I also felt my stomach shrinking - probably because I was bloated and didn't realize it. The first 5 days were hard, but it was well worth it. By day 6, I started to feel really great. I was energized and just felt happier. Everywhere I went, people commented on my skin. I didn't even realize it at first, but it had a new glow to it. I love coffee, but I also discovered that I love green tea. After the Cleanse, I still drink two cups of green tea in the morning during the week, and coffee on the weekends. And I still enjoy a morning shake for breakfast - it sets me up for the day ahead. I look forward to going on the Cleanse again - I plan to do it twice a year! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to try something different. It really works and there are so many benefits.
Lisa Smith September 4, 2015
I can’t get over how great I feel.
I am over 50 and I have never done a cleanse before and after all my research I did the Be Well 14-day Cleanse. Since the Cleanse, I can’t feel my aches or pains in my back and shoulders. I am sleeping better and feel amazing. I actually can see my waist again. I can’t get over how great I feel.
Maryette Stuut September 4, 2015
I'm amazed
I am so amazed by how wonderful I feel. After the 14-day cleanse, I could tell my body was still detoxing so I did another 14 days. I lost a total of 14.5 pounds of inflammation. I’m very excited but also a little sad that the 28 days are over—it went so fast. I have lymphocyctic colitis and Hashimoto’s disease but for the first time in years I forgot what it felt like to be normal. I loved the shakes and the recipes. I learned so much about my relationship with food. I have such gratitude for Dr. Lipman and all the health coaches that work with him. It is obvious you all are very caring and love what you do.
I.murphy Lewis September 4, 2015
We lost a total of 15 pounds together. It’s awakened us to a better sustainable lifestyle.
Colleen Leof September 4, 2015
Back in control.
After a rough first 4-5 days, I’m now on Day 9 and feeling great. I have arthritis in my hands and now I can squeeze them tightly WITHOUT pain, which is amazing. I feel very calm, have a lot of energy and am on “automatic” with the Cleanse now. I’m back in control of what I’m eating and eating mindfully with ease.
Fiona Tilley September 4, 2015
Thank you Dr. Lipman!
I have transformed my life with the help of your site and philosophy. I am reading the newsletter voraciously, have a shake (sustain or recharge with greens and probiotic) every morning and continue to feel the best I've ever felt. I was a fit 140lbs when I was 51 and after a hysterectomy at 52 and successive bouts of asthma which were treated with months of prednisone at 53 and 54 I ballooned up to 200lbs. Every joint screamed and I became sluggish and dispirited. In February this year I did two things to re-find myself: started on the Be Well program and began with a yoga coach. 7 months later I am now happier and more well than ever. I have achieved the work/life balance I'd only dreamed of before, I eat with intention and am loving all the fabulous recipes for my new food choices (ingredients only from Dr Lipman's 'eat' list), I bike, workout, or practice yoga 6 times a week, I sleep like a baby and I've lost 50lbs. I thank you for helping me find myself again.
Susan DiDonato September 4, 2015
Exceeded my expectations!
The Cleanse far exceeded my expectations in terms of how I felt and the weight I loss. The support was incredible from the beginning. Any question I asked was immediately answered and very insightful and helpful. The support was truly a surprise. I had no idea it would be that good!
Ashley Hooker September 4, 2015
Try it!
I have done a handful of cleanses and this one is the best! I feel amazing! I have been telling everyone they need to try it.
Don Loff September 4, 2015
The most surprising result was how much my old energy returned. I lost over 3” on my waist along with about 13 pounds. Plus, I didn’t suffer from hunger pangs during the Cleanse. Overall, the experience has rejuvenated my outlook on life and I am feeling more positive about life’s blessings.
Lisa van Walleghem September 4, 2015
Do it!
The 2-week Cleanse was actually easier than I thought it would be. I lost 7 pounds and my husband lost 10 pounds. I felt lighter, stronger and more in control of my emotions. It’s an easy way to start on the right path of nutrition. For us, as a couple, it was a game changer with regards to how we now view food and what we will put in our bodies going forward. Do it!
Minette Wilson September 4, 2015
BE WELL Believer
My husband and I completed the Cleanse. We felt great, slept better, looked better, lost weight! Most importantly, we changed our eating. My husband is now a BE WELL Believer.

Ask An Expert

10 Questions

Answered by a Be Well Health Coach

Ask a Question
Can I continue taking the cleanse shakes after I finish the 14 day cleanse? I love them!

Hi Lynda, Yes, the cleanse shakes are safe to continue drinking daily. Enjoy! - Be Well Health Coach

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The cleanse includes a packet of four supplements to be taken twice a day. What exactly are the supplements and do you sell the packets separately or do they just come with the cleanse?

The cleanse includes a packet of four supplements to be taken twice a day. What exactly are the supplements and do you sell the packets separately or do they just come with the cleanse?

Great question!  The 4 pills are 2 smaller Digestive Enzymes (to help you break down the macronutrients in your meals), and 2 larger GI Herbal pills (an herbal antimicrobial to help kill off overgrowth of bad gut bacteria, yeast, or parasites).  They do come separately and can be purchased in bottles on the website.  ~Be Well Coach


Was this helpful? Yes 14 No 2
Is the cleanse safe for those suffering from a yeast overgrowth? I've read to eliminate all fruits and any sugary vegetables when trying to kill off the yeast in the gut, and saw that there are beets/etc in the powdered shakes. Please let me know if this is okay for me to try.

Yes, the Cleanse is a great solution to candida or yeast overgrowth. The GI Herbal antimicrobial supplement in the supplement packets combined with the grain-free, sugar-free diet plan will help your body re-establish health flora. Choose the Cleanse Plus or purchase our Probiotic Powder to go with your Cleanse.

Was this helpful? Yes 8 No 2
I have Celiac disease. Is this cleanse safe for me in terms of being completely gluten free?

Yes, the Cleanse is gluten free and is safe for Celiacs.

Was this helpful? Yes 7 No 2
hi i have a question about the cleanse, i have been reading reviews and they all say the same in the end they feel so much better, but i also read on several that the first four to five days were rough. what can i expect those first few days?

If you are a coffee drinker or consume a lot of sugar or starchy carbs, the first few days of the Cleanse can be hard, with feelings of fatigue or headaches. The best way to detox from caffeine is to cut your dose in half each day, and to start your withdrawal process before you start the Clenase program, e.g. start reducing your coffee intake a few days before the Cleanse start date. If your diet is generally healthy and alcohol, sugar, or caffeine are not a big part of your life, then you usually feel okay throughout the Cleanse -- it really depends upon your uniques biochemistry and your starting point. Either way, they symptoms are generally mild and usually most related to caffeine withdrawal.

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how often do you recommend doing the cleanse?

Frequency of cleansing really varies by person. Cleansing once per year is probably the norm, but some people find benefit in doing a Cleanse each season or twice a year. It really depends upon your diet, lifestyle, and habits during your "regular" life and how frequently you want to reset and start fresh with a detox.

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When I did the Cleanse in 2015, non-gluten grains and beans/legumes were allowed; why have they been removed from the Cleanse diet?

Although non-gluten, whole grains and legumes can be part of a healthy diet, they are a significant source of carbohydrates, which we reduce during the Cleanse. Grains and legumes can also can be difficult to digest for anyone with compromised digestion so we take them out during the Cleanse so you can evaluate for yourself if your digestion, energy levels and overall wellbeing improves. Vegetarians may include up to 1/2 cup of both grains and legumes in their daily diet during the Cleanse.

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Do you deliver to London, UK or do you have any plans to do so? Many thanks, Andrea

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship internationally at this time.

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Will I lose weight on the Cleanse?

Our 14-day Cleanse is designed to clean your gut and support your digestive system through supplements and a clean diet. Most people who adhere to the diet program, do lose a few pounds -- but results vary depending on your diet, exercise, and overall health. If you are interested in weight loss, try our Cleanse Plus Extended 4-week program.

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Can I do the Cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although you can follow the Cleanse diet, we don't recommend the Cleanse shakes and supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding as they contain herbs that have not been tested for safety during pregnancy. Additionally, detoxing during pregnancy is not recommended.

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