Manage Weight

Manage Weight

There are endless gimmicks and myths regarding weight-loss. True weight loss is a byproduct of a good health foundation and lifestyle.

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    The New Cleanse

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    Cleanse Plus

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    Protein on the Go

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  • Whey Protein • Vanilla

    Whey Protein

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  • MCT Oil

    MCT Oil

    Brain & energy booster

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  • Probiotics

    Probiotic Caplets

    Optimize digestive function

    A blend of beneficial bacteria that boost gut health & decrease digestive ailments.

  • GI Herbal Formula

    GI Herbal

    Rebalance the microbiome

    Improves digestive function & fights parasites.


Lifestyle Tips for Weight Management


Get Some Sleep

Not sleeping enough stimulates the hormone ghrelin, which increases your appetite, and lowers leptin, which tells your body you're full. Your metabolic rate is also lowered when you're sleep-deprived. Poor sleep habits make weight loss difficult.


Just Move

The benefits you gain from a workout may get eroded if the rest of your day is overly sedentary. As much as possible, incorporate movement into your day, whether that be through a standing desk, morning stretches, or deadlifts.


Eat Fermented Foods

The “live cultures” of active probiotics found in fermented foods release enzymes to ease and improve digestion. They also help with weight regulation by triggering “satiety” signals in your brain and helping with proper glucose and insulin regulation.