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We are dedicated to helping you feel, look and live better every day.

  • Kyra Sedgwick, Actress

    I’ve never felt better since doing Dr. Lipman’s Cleanse. I’m sleeping better and my skin really glows.

  • Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

    Frank is one of my most trusted doctors. He has a deep understanding of wellness and treats the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

  • Kevin Bacon, actor

    “Just wanted to say how much we love the new products. The shake tastes better than any shake I've tried.”

  • Dr. Mark Hyman

    “You need look no further than Dr. Lipman’s ground-breaking solution oriented program for rebuilding your energy and restoring your body and soul. The program is a science based guide to unparalleled wellness.”

  • Ajay Naidu

    “By going on the Cleanse program I was able to change my dietary habits while staying satisfied and happy. I lost 15 pounds, stopped sweating profusely and stopped snoring. My mind became much calmer. I am deeply grateful.”

  • Yves Durif

    “My hands which are my livelihood, were becoming increasingly arthritic.  After following the Cleanse for 2 weeks the joints in my hands are no longer swollen and I have not felt this pain free in years.”

  • Dan MacCarroll

    “I was feeling totally run down and burnt out. Dr. Lipman put me on the Cleanse program followed by the Revive program and I feel like a new man. My energy has come back, my sleep has improved and I have lost 25 pounds. I cannot endorse Dr. Lipman enough. ”

  • Dr. Linda Dahl

    “I had always considered myself healthy. I exercise, eat reasonably well, or so I thought, and get plenty of sleep. In my own pratice, I routinely counsel patients on the effects of stress on the body. So I couldn't understand why I felt so exhausted all the time. Until I saw Dr. Lipman. After only two weeks of his Cleanse Program I felt a remarkable difference. After eliminating caffeine and foods that were taxing my body, replacing them with healthy alternatives, shakes, and supplements, I feel calm, energized, and present. By removing foods with no nutritional value, I am able to eat when I am hungry instead of emotionally. I even lost weight! I can't recommend his program strongly enough. It has changed my life.”

  • Joanne Heyman

    Before I did the 28 day Revive regime I was feeling ok, but not myself. Rather sluggish, not sleeping well, a bit heavier than where I feel comfortable. Now, two full weeks after I finished I feel like my better self again. The first couple of days were not easy – mostly the caffeine withdrawal. However, I found that I had absolutely no cravings. By making lots of brown rice and mixing it with vegetables (or fruit – try it!) to have on hand, I never missed bread. Not once. Going off dairy was similarly easy when I let myself enjoy a small piece of goat cheese after dinner. Ok, that and a small square of dark chocolate! In fact, I felt more inspired than deprived. Trips to the farmers market or grocery store became opportunities to explore and create. After a month my natural rhythm was back. Fourteen days after the completion of Revive, the only thing I have reintroduced is wine with dinner. Every once in a while I may have piece of cheese, a helping of foam in my decaf cappuccino or a bowl of steel cut oats, but I truly do not miss daily rations of gluten, dairy or sugar.
    My sleep cycles have improved, my skin looks and feels great, and even the afternoon energy dips are all but gone. And – my skinny jeans look great…........

  • Dr . Rosemarie Ingleton

    I have never done a detox program before, but after Dr. Lipman explained the premise in terms that made sense to me as a physician I was curious to try.The 2-week Total Renewal program he prescribed was comprehensive yet surprisingly simple to follow. My personal results were that as the days passed I felt more energized and mentally clearer. As an incidental bonus I also lost a few inches! I plan to integrate this periodic detoxification program into my lifestyle as another step on the road to living a healthier life.

  • Tatiana Acosta
    Wilhelmina Models

    I just finished the Cleanse program, and I feel wonderful. The experience was not as difficult as I had expected, especially since I was able to eat the smaller meals for lunch and dinner. In addition to losing 8 lbs, I’ve lost this occasionally foggy-headed feeling I would get, which I am extremely happy about!

  • Jaime Hesper

    I will be completing the Cleanse program this weekend. I did it for digestive reasons, and am so happy I did. I have zero bloating, zero diarrhea, zero stomach aches/cramps, all of which were major issues before due to Celiac. I really can't believe how good I feel. Oh, and extra bonus, my skin looks great!

  • Oswald Mendez
    Collective Transformation

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lipman for over two years and he is a miracle worker. I am a new business owner and starting my business has caused anxiety and a break in my daily routine. Basically, I spent the last six months of 2010 trying to figure out a routine and control things that were outside of my ability to control. Realizing that my health and well-being are well within the scope of something I can directly influence, I ran to Dr. Lipman and started the year with Cleanse. It has given me a sense of balance and routine that has allowed me not only to feel re-energized and healthy, but also has played a critical role in helping me deal with the anxiety of running a start-up.

  • Sharon Ainsberg

    My friend Gwen told me about Dr. Lipman and it was perfect timing because I had been thinking of doing a cleanse of some kind, but didn’t know what to choose. I didn’t want to do anything too extreme and the juice fasts and cleanses on the market didn’t seem terribly healthy to me, nor did they seem to promote any long-term health plan whatsoever. I wasn’t interested in a quick fix. I was interested in jump-starting a life change.

    The main issues I’ve battled for years have been stress and insomnia, the two co-mingling in a perfect storm. I am now about 2 months into Dr. Lipman’s program and after doing CLEANSE, REVIVE and now SUSTAIN, I feel like a changed person. My insomnia became nonexistent. I have more energy, better moods overall and my stress levels have dropped like a rock. I wake up in the morning much earlier because I am incredibly well rested. I open my eyes and feel ready to start my day; and not one day has passed where I have “dragged myself out of bed” since I started this program. I enjoy my meals, am never hungry, have a balanced attitude about what I can and can’t eat and have simply never felt better. I even notice my skin and hair look more luminous, more nourished. The people I work with everyday are constantly complimenting me and they want to know where they can find this magic potion I’ve taken. I’ve run into people who I haven’t seen in months and the reactions are immediate: “wow, you look amazing!” is usually the way the conversation starts! What a wonderful thing to hear! But most importantly, I FEEL amazing. Thank you, Dr. Lipman, for the guidance and for a simple, pragmatic and realistic approach to well being. The results are even greater than I ever could have hoped for.

  • Tim and Adrienne Carroll

    Day 7 of my first ever cleanse. I am down 9 lbs, have no cravings, no headaches, no late afternoon tiredness, no bloating and actually can't even believe it. I have tried so many diets, healthy eating plans and such and this is the FIRST TIME ever of feeling GREAT while losing weight.

    My husband has Crohn's. Though his colonoscopy shows minimal inflammation he has had severe abdominal pain for years and would feel awful most nights. His first four days of the cleanse were not good for him-headaches, stomachache and just not fun to be around. He is on day 7 of his cleanse and feels GREAT. No stomach pain. No tiredness. We realize that the foods we were eating to be "healthy" were not filling us with health.

    I am always the skeptic but am so THANKFUL I found Dr. Lipman. You have two people who now know the difference between feeling ok and feeling great.

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal, actress

    “Dr. Frank Lipman's programs have changed my life. I eat what he tells me to eat and drink what he tells me to drink and I feel great for it.”

  • Dr. Christiane Northrup

    “Dr. Frank Lipman is my kind of doctor and he practices my kind of medicine. Follow his program and feel better fast.”

  • Patti Gift

    “This is the best I've felt in ages. I plan to make Revive a part of my regular self-care routine.”

  • Natasha Cornstein

    “Total Renewal has truly changed my life and I am happier, healthier and more aware and more optimistic than ever in my life.”

  • Michael Alper

    “I am 52 years old and have struggled with excess weight my entire life, and for the past year and a half with serious gastric reflux disease and irritable bowel syndrome.  Dr Lipman placed me on the Cleanse program and within 2 weeks I was symptom free and had begun to lose weight  and feel more energetic.  Four months later I continue to be symptom free and have lost a total of 40 pounds.  I haven't felt this good in 10 years.”

  • Carol Gerthoffer

    “When I first came to Dr. Lipman, I was exhausted, I had no energy and yet could not get a good night's sleep.  I was anxious and had a short fuse, along with digestion issues that went undiagnosised, as I went from doctor to doctor. Dr. Lipman put me on the Cleanse detox diet and I noticed an immediate improvement in my digestion. Before long, I felt happy and was sleeping again, waking refreshed. I am now on the Sustain portion of the plan. I would highly recommend these programs to anyone who feels spent and that they have used up all their youthful energy. The Cleanse detox worked wonders in getting me back on track with my health and my life.”

  • Linda Gaunt

    Being good just got easier. I feel better than I have in years

  • Leslie Monthan

    My energy is up, my joints feel good, and I’m sleeping well. My skin is even looking clearer and firmer. I definitely plan to stick to a purer diet after the program. I like being free of the midafternoon slump and the old morning pre-caffeine fog. Now I just have a cup of herbal tea with lemon when I wake up and feel great.

    I went to the gym this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks (I’ve been walking, but not muscle training, during the program). I felt really strong, and I definitely noticed an uptick in flexibility. Amazing! I’m definitely a devotee of your program.

  • Douglas Watts

    Well, you’ve got another satisfied customer. I finished my 4 weeks, lost 13 pounds and, true to your promise, I really feel a great deal better... energy, joints, bloating, inflammation, all very improved. I had a fasting blood test two days after completion of 28 days of the Cleanse program. I got the results today, and I was astounded. Triglycerides down 93 points; LDL down 38 points; total cholesterol down 56 points...all now measure well within safe and normal guidelines. I haven’t had numbers like these for 30 years. Thanks again to Dr. Lipman for showing me the way.

  • Meredith Nilan

    I'm on my 11th day of the cleanse and I feel amazing.. So much energy and my digestive system is pain-free. It was really hard for me not to eat chocolate and other foods but I am SO happy I did it! I have absolutely no stomach pains -- and I used to go through every day with stomach pains. I'm doing harder workouts but they feel easier. I have never felt this good since I was in high school. I'm really excited I introduced this program to my body -- it was really time to start feeding my body the right foods. Anyone who has doubts about being able to do this program, I just have to say even though it may be really hard for you at first, the outcome is worth it!

  • Kim Strassner

    Day 14 of Cleanse and feeling GREAT! I'm actually sad this is the last day! I didn't cheat once, I think I was just mentally ready for a change. Plus an added bonus is I lost 10+ pounds! Revive is next -- I love having a shake for breakfast so I'm looking forward to the Revive shakes. All the recipes from the site were so amazing which I think is the reason I didn't cheat, I was so satisfied after lunch and dinner. I have so much energy!

  • Christine Barber

    This is an amazing program. I haven't cheated once, which is a huge accomplishment for me. I am nearing a 1 month mark and used to have such a huge sweet tooth. I'm feeling the best I have been in ages, and I attribute that to the shakes and supplements we take with meals, along with exercising, and no caffeine, alcohol and sugars. Who knew just how bad those three things can affect how we feel? Now I know and am not turning back. This works for me. I've lost 17 pounds, but it's not about the number on the scale, but continuing to feel as good as I feel now!

  • Patricia Neumann

    Wanted to share a HUGE “THANKS”! Chris and I completed the Cleanse and are so “Thankful” for this program! I lost 7 lbs and am on my way to reducing more. We are feeling tons better & looking better - healthier, more vital. Friends have shared that we both look really “clear.” My digestion is soooooooo much better! It feels so great to be off of gluten, caffeine, sugar, dairy and alcohol. I have been gluten & dairy sensitive for some time and was having a hard time taking it out completely. With the Cleanse it was easy! It is so wonderful to be on the road to wellness and feeling good! Thanks so much for the program, the community and all the support. Here's to Being Well ... and Staying Well!